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Assembly Hardware

I took these pictures before or after assembly.

Not having anything to do with assembly, a picture of the hinges is interesting in that I was told that the stock hinges are Kelvinator refrigerator hinges

Close-up of (half) a hinge.

The old WACO aileron pushrod hardware is robust and well engineered, even by today’s standards.

Laying under the belly below the joystick. This is where the aileron pushrods attach to the joystick.

The pushrods from the joystick attach to the pushrods which go into the wing.

Old control stick castings could use re-bushing, but they are fine as far as I’m concerned.

The stabilizer trim pushrod slides the front of the elevator up or down along a square section of tubing. 80 some-odd years old but the assembly wears well.

The elevator control horn is sandwiched between the elevator halves.

The elevator pushrod attaches to the horn under the stab.

The stabilizer pivot bolt. After 400 hours on the last bolt, there was no wear at all ... but replaced the bolt anyway.

Ahh ... tail feathers done.

Four friends helped mount the wings. They were very patient as we attempted to maintain the original trim exept for adding 1 degree, lower wing dihedral as suggested a few years ago by Roy Redmond. Upon take-off on April 5, 2011, I found the aircraft to be in perfect trim. Flew nice.

Other Wheels and Brakes.

As mentioned on the home page, the equipment list shows Clevelands but after the re-builder died, it didn't come that way. Maybe the guys couldn't get the spacers off. I haven't tried hard but the spacers seem to be stuck.

Spacers need to be 1/4 inch shorter. Then nut will be fully on and cotter pin-able.

Tried these 30x5 wheels (have full landing gear with their axels) but tried Cessna 210 brakes. Didn't work. Need to be taken apart and drum brakes installed.

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