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Fuselage & Tail Feathers

Touch-up and Cleanup of the Fuselage is proceeding faster than
the wings, due to learning.

Rear Instrument Panel.

Rear Floor before cleanup. Lots of fun hours getting it dirty.

Front Panel. There used to be a compass in that hole. It looked cool but never worked well.

Front seats, no upholstery. Making upholstered pads would be simple. My neighbors and friends never complained... just smiled. Uhhhhh ... Wag Aero 4 point shoulder harnesses. Not exactly authentic but safe.

Horizontal stab turned out quite nice.
Tailcone from elevator opening. Thick steel tubing before the days when Chrome Moly was used in aircraft. Imagine the WACO factory welders puting this together 80 years ago.

Stabilizer trim mechanism has many pivoting parts but is doesn't wear out.

Rear fuselage and tail wheel installation. Tail wheel spring mount is too flexible and needs to be replaced with something which resists longitudinal twisting. I never had a problem landing pavement but then again I have put many hours on this bird. I recomend improving this area.

Shock strut has an oriface but no bushings so just a spring funtions without dampening. I recomend improving this area.

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