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The wings were re-built in 1989 by Harold Hauck, the retired Island Airlines Ford Tri-motor pilot.
(Bob White got his stash of Wright engines from Island Airlines.) The wood is excellent. The hardware is original but well restored.

Harold took his time and made these wings a labor of love.
Unfortunately someone put a coat of clear urethane over the silver
dope (or mixed it with the dope). Over time reseting tapes could
not be done nicely since the paint would not melt. Also the paint
cracked in places ... not pretty ... not meltable.

Wing ready to be stripped.

Much of the paint just peeled off. The rest peeled back after soaking for 15 minutes in nitrate thinner. Oh my ... old brain developed new technique... Viva paper towel placed over the paint. Saturate paper towel with thinner. Cover with "Saran Wrap" (plastic food wrap). 15 minutes later, paint peels off.

Retractable landing light hole. Nice craftsmanship by Harold Hauck. Oh ... after construction the landing light mount was rotated one rivet so that is would be aimed out more.

Aileron belcrank. Any [uplifted] Ceconite at all openings reglued with Superseam Cement.

This is art. Inside view of wing.





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